IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications
29 April - 2 May 2019 // Paris, France

Workshop on Wireless Communications and Networking in Extreme Environments - Call for Papers

Call For Papers



Extreme communication environments such as underwater, aerial, underground, and intra-body have been attracting growing interest from both academia and industry in an effort to conquer the last wireless communication frontiers. Novel wireless communication architectures and networking protocols for GPS-denied and communication-constrained environments enable a rich body of applications with unprecedented societal impact. The workshop will focus on communication, networking, and system-level developments related to underwater, aerial, underground, and intra-body environments, as well as on contributions towards the characterization and modeling of the different mediums based on real-world data measurements.

The goal of the workshop is to unveil the latest wireless technology developments, from the physical layer all the way to the application layer in realizing underwater, aerial, underground, and intra-body communication networks with a focus on bridging the gaps between theory, algorithms, and practical system implementations. The workshop will bring together academic and industrial researchers to identify and discuss technical challenges and recent results related to underwater, aerial, underground, and intra-body extreme communication environments.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:


  • Communications and Networking Protocols
    • Energy efficient protocols and routing techniques
    • Cognitive networking
    • Hybrid network protocol designs
    • Secure LPD/LPI communication and networking
    • Spectrally efficient signal waveform designs
    • Multi/(massive) antenna communications
    • Low-power wide area networking
    • Ad-hoc cross-layer optimized networking, routing, handover and meshing
    • Distributed sensing and mobile networking
    • Energy harvesting wireless communications
  • Systems and Applications
    • RF/acoustic/optical communication systems
    • Modeling and simulation tools
    • Experimental results from prototypes, testbeds, and demonstrations
    • Software-defined radio platforms and SDN testbeds
    • Internet-of-things applications
    • Antenna design and processing
    • Spectrum access policies for dynamic network control
    • Hardware/software challenges in multi/(massive) antenna transceiver design
    • Cooperation of robotic unmanned vehicles with multi-domain (sea-land-air) capabilities
    • Human-machine interaction
  • Signal Processing and Channel Modeling
    • Signal propagation models
    • Optimization techniques for multi-modal processing
    • Signal processing for distributed beamforming
    • Localization, detection, classification and tracking methods
    • Communication-constrained multi-agent path planning and task allocation
    • Machine learning and AI-assisted algorithms for wireless communications and networking
    • Signal propagation and attenuation models (absorption, scattering, fading, multipath)
    • Measurement and characterization (modeling) of real-world wireless (underwater, aerial, intra-body, underground) network deployments



Important Dates

Submission: Dec. 30th, 2019
Decisions: Feb. 22th, 2019
Camera ready: March 10th, 2019




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