IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications
29 April - 2 May 2019 // Paris, France


Panel A: Smart Networks: What is Next?
Panel B: Experimentation Meets Platforms: A Survey of Macro Trends in Mobile Communication Research and Its Impact on Future Testbed Development
Panel C: Big Teams – Big Money – Big Research


Panel A: Smart Networks: What is Next?

Date/Time: April 30, 2019, 2:30 - 4:00pm

Room: Scene B

Moderator: Arturo Azcorra (IMDEA and Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain)

Anna Brunstrom (Karlstad University, Sweden)
Merouane Debbah (Huawei, France)
Anthony Ephremides (University of Maryland, USA)
Monisha Ghosh (NSF, USA)
Riku Jäntti (Aalto University, Finland)



Several large-scale 5G platforms are under deployment in different countries, making 5G new radio (NR) and network slicing a reality. On the one hand, the realization of such platforms will permit the actual assessment of the gains brought on by 5G in terms of edge computing, network control, slicing, throughput, service deployment time, connection density, latency, as well as costs and energy consumption. On the other hand, it will highlight the challenges that still need to be faced and that emerge in future cellular network generations.

The panelists will describe the system architecture of the 5G platforms they are leading, the role of the mobile network operators and of the vertical industries, and the main use cases such platforms support. They will provide an overview of the technological solutions that have been adopted, including open-source solutions, e.g., for orchestration and monitoring. Furthermore, the panelists will discuss the challenges ahead and what the next generation of Smart Networks will bring.

While the panelists will provide insightful presentations, the goal of the panel is to engage the audience in discussing how the platforms under development can be exploited to show the full potential of the 5G technology, and what the future might look like.


Panel B: Experimentation Meets Platforms: A Survey of Macro Trends in Mobile Communication Research and Its Impact on Future Testbed Development

Date/Time: May 1, 2019, 2:00 - 3:30pm

Room: Scene B

Abhimanyu Gosain (Northeastern University, USA)
Serge Fdida (Sorbonne University, France)

Edward Knightly (Rice University, USA)
Raymond Knopp (Eurecom, France)
Ivan Seskar (Rutgers University, USA)
Kobus Van der Merwe (University of Utah, USA)



"Softwarization” is often referred to as a general paradigm shift in telecom architecture from “boxes” to “functions”, and from “protocols” to “APIs”. This has profound impact on research testbed platform architecture and its components. The panel begins with exploration of such fundamental advances at all layers and by delving into investigations of the research infrastructures suitable for hosting at-scale experimentation in future mobile architectures, services, and applications, and use of such infrastructures for experimental research using practical examples. The distillation of the lessons learned above are laid out as requirements for future at-scale platforms.

The panelists represent a global view of efforts underway to implement platforms for experimenting on 5G and Beyond Technologies across radio, network and compute to be built on top of convergent RF/network/IT infrastructure to provide well defined abstractions and modularity to end users (eg. researchers, developers and testers).

Questions to Explore

1/ What are the key wireless challenges for the future

2/ Regarding these challenges, where could a test platform better support the discovery process

3/ How can we best balance very advanced test platforms for core wireless technologies and more integrated verticals (service driven) platforms

4/ Data management and security plan, how to get started?

5/ Reproducability and Repeatability of research. Is it a must?

6/ Discussion of Sustainability of the platforms


Panel C: Big Teams – Big Money – Big Research

Date/Time: May 2, 2019, 2:00 - 3:30pm

Room: Scene B

Moderator: Mehmet C. Vuran (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA)

Tarek Abdelzaher (University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, USA)
Xavi Costa Perez (NEC Laboratories Europe, Germany)
Yunhao Liu (Michigan State University, USA; Tsinghua University, China)
Lucilla Sioli (European Commission, Belgium)
Ann C. Von Lehmen (NSF, USA)
Cedric Westphal (Huawei Santa Clara, USA)



As research problems of today become exceedingly complex, we increasingly rely on projects with large teams. Establishing and conducting successful research with a large team of experts is a challenging endeavor, for which there has been increasing need. Today’s researchers need role models for leading and participating in large projects for our community to solve the complex problems of the future.

This panel convenes a panel of experts from academia, industry, and funding agencies, who are successful in supporting, organizing, and conducting research with a large group of individuals both nationally and internationally. The panelists include those individuals who have a strong track record of successfully overseeing centers, and large projects; as well as participating in successful national, continental, and international projects.

The panelists will describe the big research problems, on which their teams are working, and comment on open problems that are in dire need of large interdisciplinary teams of researchers. They will also share their experience with the audience on identifying key problems, establishing large teams, securing funding through national and international organizations, and, most importantly, delivering their promises by successfully conducting research with a large team of researchers.

The panel will engage the audience in big problems awaiting our community and provide role models and success studies for those who wish to address big problems of our time with big teams and big money.


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