IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications
29 April - 2 May 2019 // Paris, France

Workshop on the Economics of Fog, Edge and Cloud Computing - Call for Papers

Call For Papers


Pricing is a core mechanism for content providers, telecommunication operators, and cloud operators. Traditionally, it has been used to induce changes in user behavior in order to alleviate congestion, and it constitutes a core component for providers’ revenue generation. With the rise of edge and fog computing, a novel, exciting playground of communication and computing services has emerged, characterized by new ties between application and content providers, infrastructure owners and emerging Fog/Edge providers. This ecosystem raises new research questions and challenges regarding its pricing and economics. For instance, the pervasive computational capabilities of networked edge devices add new computing resources that may (partially) replace cloud services, but the injection of enormous amounts of data due to pervasive sensing and computing at the edge will require redesigning traditional pricing and billing schemes to manage decentralized and/or multi-tenant configurations. Data elaboration and storage may also migrate continuously in cloud or to the edge, impacting the design of new data plans and billing architectures. Finally, modern application architectures, based on containerized microservices, make it possible for content providers to place application modules strategically over remote clouds or onto the edge in order to optimally leverage the infrastructure’s capability.

ECOFEC aims to bring together researchers, developers, and practitioners from academia and industry in order to build a body of knowledge on the economic innovation encompassed by the emerging integrated ecosystem of Fog/Edge and Cloud computing. We solicit papers from areas including, but not limited to:

  • Data plans for Fog/Edge Networks
  • Edge/Cloud Microservice placement
  • Billing Architectures and Mechanisms
  • Economic, Computing and Communication Trade Offs
  • Pricing mechanisms for data/storage and computing
  • Demand-response techniques for Fog/Edge computing
  • Auctions and Mechanism Design
  • Incentive schemes for Green Edge Computing
  • Analysis of Fog/Edge Economic Ecosystems
  • Network neutrality and Regulation issues
  • Distributed Payment Systems
  • Economic and Pricing Models for NFV and Network Slicing
  • Joint Pricing and Scheduling Mechanisms for computing systems
  • Single and Multi-tenant pricing schemes
  • Pricing Models for Mobile Data Offloading
  • Secure transactions for Fog and Edge computing
  • Economic or performance tradeoffs for edge/fog
  • AI-based applications and services
  • Blockchain and smart contracts for edge/fog computing
  • Machine learning and data-driven optimization for edge/fog computing


Important Dates

Submission: Jan. 11, 2019 Jan. 24, 2019
Decisions: Feb. 8, 2019
Camera ready: March 1, 2019




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