IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications
29 April - 2 May 2019 // Paris, France

Workshop on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains for Distributed Systems - Call for Papers

Call For Papers


The Internet is evolving into a new multi-factor paradigm based around smart systems, Internet of Things, new distributed data structures (e.g. blockchains) and digital assets (e.g. cryptocurrencies). In the next years, these technologies will converge and interact, fostering novel services, business models and applications. Indeed, the blockchain can provide an automated and secure transaction infrastructure for next generation Internet of Things (IoT), mobile and smart systems while the voluntary user participation to the mining of cryptocurrencies could permit the development of new distributed services (i.e. offering an alternative to the advertisement-based revenue system used by most of the “free services” that are currently available). This workshop aims at gathering together researchers and practitioners, coming from academia and industry, to focus on the new challenges posed by the novel technologies and applications that are based on the blockchains infrastructure. The goal is to promote discussion on theory, progresses, development, deployment and on the practical usage of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies, smart contracts, etc. We are interested both in innovative works in an unexplored and/or emerging topic in the broad area of distributed systems (e.g., mobile systems, devices and applications, vehicular and robotic systems, IoT), and in novel findings and/or new insights that build on existing works. The submission of both “full-fledged” technical papers and “visionary” position papers is strongly encouraged. Demos, tutorial and hands-on on submission are most welcome.

The specific areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • All kind of blockchain based distributed systems
  • Distributed (smart) systems relying on cryptocurrencies and smart contracts
  • Blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Blockchain and mobile systems
  • Blockchain based mobile ad-hoc networks
  • Blockchain based intelligent vehicular coordination
  • Vehicular services based on cryptocurrencies and blockchain
  • Blockchain solutions for automotive
  • Use of blockchain to support mobile smart services and applications
  • Blockchain in crowdsourcing and crowdsensing
  • Blockchain in 5G
  • Blockchain in edge and cloud computing
  • Use of blockchain in Smart Cities
  • Blockchain schemes for decentralization
  • Blockchain-inspired or alternative byzantine fault tolerance
  • Performance optimization of blockchain and decentralized schemes
  • Use of blockchain in healthcare applications
  • Blockchains’ energy consumption issues
  • Security related issues in cryptocurrencies and blockchain
  • Simulation of blockchains
  • Use of blockchain in distributed simulation
  • Use of cryptocurrencies in public volunteer computing
  • Cryptocurrencies and blockchain usage in online gaming architectures and digital virtual environments
  • Multi-Agent Systems for modelling the usage of cryptocurrencies
  • Decentralized (mobile) processing, computing, and storage infrastructure
  • Testing mechanisms to increase interoperability, robustness, stability, and confidence in blockchain (mobile) systems


Important Dates

Submission: Dec. 30th, 2018 Jan. 16, 2019
Decisions: Feb. 22, 2019
Camera ready: March 10, 2019




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